Tests to help with Common Entrance Science Revision

Quick questions
(Questions with a single answer. The answer is shown immediately)


Multiple choice tests

100’s of CE standard questions ideal for revising CE question 1

Randomly chosen multiple-choice questions in each test.
Each test is different as the questions are picked at random from a database of over 700 questions

Press ‘Submit’ at the end of each test to show the answers
Chosen by level 
(10 randomly chosen questions in each test)

Easy QuestionsMisses out hard questions Average difficultyCE Level 2 revision Scholarship levelIncludes advanced questions

Chosen by subject  (10 randomly chosen questions in each test)

C.E. PHYSICS10 revision questions C.E. CHEMISTRY10 revision questions C.E. BIOLOGY10 revision questions

Pick your own topic (Heating chemicals, forces, plant reproduction etc)
In this section, you can reveal the correct answer to each question as you go.
This lets you answer just one topic at a time.
C.E. PHYSICSAll physics questions C.E. CHEMISTRYAll chemisty questions C.E. BIOLOGYAll biology questions 

Timed quiz
2 minutes to answer 25 questions
Questions start as easy and increase in difficulty till they are well beyond the CE syllabus!
25 timed questionsVery easy to very hard

Science General Knowledge
10 assorted general knowledge questions
These questions are outside of the Common Entrance syllabus
General Knowledge10 random questions

All questions sorted by topic.
This is a special quiz that lets you choose the number of questions you want to answer from each topic: useful if you only want to answer only one or two topics.

All science questionssorted into topics This test includes some general knowledge questions which would not appear in a Common Entrance Exam
NOTE: If you are going to choose lots of questions it will help if you are logged on so you can save your position.
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