Some Word documents that may be useful
(These will more useful if printed out)

Science Vocabulary :
A comprehensive list of words, terms and definitions that would be helpful to have on hand during revision.

Chemicals :
A list of chemicals that may be used during your chemistry lessons.
Not intended as a list to learn but can be used to look something up that you have forgotten.

 CE revision outline-summary:
A check list of all topics in the syllabus (Just in case you missed a few lessons!)

Science Topic Books
Written for KS2 students but still useful for those studying CE, specially if you are finding the subject difficult


Circuits (year 4,6)

Forces 1 (year 3)

Forces 2   (year 4,5)
Measuring force, gravity, Friction, Balanced forces

Our Earth in space (year 5)

Light  (year 3,6)

Sound (year 5)


Classification, Adaption and Ecology (year 4,6)

Plants (year 5)
Plant redproduction

Human Body 1 (year3)
Teeth, bones, movement, Healthy Food

Human Body 2   (year 5)
Heart, Breathing, Repoduction


Materials 1 (year 3)
Properties of materials

Materials 2  (year 4)
Solids, liquids and gases, solutions, separating mixtures

Materials 3  (year 6)
Solutions, States of matter

Rocks  (year 3)