Common Entrance Revision: 10 Easy and harder questions
KS3 Levels 4 and 5
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1. What is something called if we can see through it?
2. This image shows the magnetic field lines around a bar magnet

bar-magnetWhich end of the magnet will be north, A or B?
3. circulation-graphThe graph below shows the heart rate of two boys, X and Y

Their teacher measured their pulse and then asked them to run on a running machine for 2 minutes

When their pulse had returned to normal the experiment was stopped

Which do you think was the healthiest boy?
4. If a cup of tea is to kept warm it needs to be wrapped in what kind of material?
5. What colour is magnesium oxide
6. Which of the sentences below is NOT correct
7. A spring is 10cm long.
When 3 newtons are hung from it the sprng becomes 16cm.

springs1springs-parallelTwo springs are now joined in parallel (side by side) and 1 N added as a load.

How long would the springs be now (length X)
8. What type of object is the Sun?
9. Which of these facts is NOT true about a girl when her body reaches puberty
10. How many millimetres are in a metre