Common Entrance Revision: 10 Easy and harder questions
KS3 Levels 4 and 5
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1. antPick TWO features that show this animal to be an insect
2. What type of animal is a 'Portuguese Man of War'?
3. Tim mixed four different chemicals with water.

Which of them do you think dissolved?
4. The legs of a chair each have an area of 20cm2 .

The chair has  4 legs and a mass of 4kg.

If the chair had thinner legs (the area of each leg was less) what effects would this have?
5. What colour is sulphur?
6. Which unit of measurement is used to measure WEIGHT?
7. What name is given to the tiny blood vessels that bleed when you graze your knee?
8. What unit is used to measure energy?
9. What is the test for oxygen gas?
10. A: New plant grows B: Seeds are dispersed
C: Seeds germinate D: Flower pollinated
E: Ovules are fertilized
Write the letters in the correct order (starting with D)