Common Entrance Physics – 10 Multiple choice questions
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1. What form of energy is stored in a piece of coal?
2. Which of the following statements about the Moon is true?
3. From the list given which would be the best instrument for finding the mass of a small stone
4. circuit2Which of the circuit diagrams shows two bulbs joined in parallel?
5. A moving car has which kind of energy:
6. circuit3Look at the circuit diagram which shows 2 batteries connected to three bulbs.
What would happen if we added an extra battery?
7. a = 5cm    b = 3cm   c = 3cmThe mass of the block = 90g

blockWhat is the density of the block?
8. Which unit of measurement is used to measure MASS
9. What is this formula used to calculate?
10. How does it help you to be seen when you wear a 'Hi-Viz' yellow jacket at night?