Common Entrance Biology – 10 Multiple choice questions
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1. Which part of a cell contains the genetic material?

2. What is the heart for?

3. From where do producers in a food chain get their energy?

4. Which part of a flower does pollen reach during pollination?

5. What is the main reason a plant has leaves?

6. Where are the eggs made in an animal?

7. circulation-graphThe graph below shows the heart rate of two boys, X and Y

Their teacher measured their pulse and then asked them to run on a running machine for 2 minutes

When their pulse had returned to normal the experiment was stopped

What was the maximum heart rate of boy X?

8. A plant is an example of a producer.
Producers are living organisms that:

9. Name the waste gas that we breath out
(produced during respiration)

10. Name three structures you would find in all living cells