Common Entrance Biology – 10 Multiple choice questions
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1. What are microbes?

2. What part of a cell releases energy?

3. What is your BLADDER for?

4. What conditions does a seedling need to help it grow?

5. How can you test for the presence of starch in food?

6. How is a sperm different to an egg in a human?

7. circulation-graphThe graph below shows the heart rate of two boys, X and Y

Their teacher measured their pulse and then asked them to run on a running machine for 2 minutes

When their pulse had returned to normal the experiment was stopped

What was the maximum heart rate of boy X?


body5Wat is the name of organ 'H'

9. flower 

The diagram shows some different parts of a flower

Which part is the stigma?

10. flowerLook at the diagram of a flower.

What is the name of the part labelled a ?