Science Topic Books
Detailed student notes on every topic in the KS2 science syllabus.
These notes are designed to be printed out and filed.
Even though they are written for the KS2 syllabus most of them will be useful for KS3 students

Study Guide to the Systems of the Body
A large collection of very useful links to help you find out out more about the human body.
Well worth a look

BBC  Bitesize. KS3 Science  High quality revision
BBC  Bitesize  Biology
BBC  Bitesize  Chemistry
BBC  Bitesize  Physics

BBC Science Interesting topic notes

Fun: A Guide to Fun Experimental Science Projects.
This is a useful page that explains clearly the scientific method approach to carrying out experiments.

Star child: childrens’  astronomy program

About Revising and taking exams

Entrance exam papers for London schools (Eton, Mill Hill etc)
Not just science… all subjects. Have a look: Some questions are quite challenging!

Educational Links Mainly for teachers and parents

ISIS Independent Schools Information Service
Primary Resources Very useful site providing resource and curriculum material for primary teachers
Exam Stress Some people get very worried when taking exams and find they can’t sleep. This link may help