Common Entrance Revision: Includes more advanced questions
15 questions suitable for CE or scholarship
KS3 Levels 5 and 6
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1. A block of plastic has a volume of 6cm3 and a mass of 12g. What is the DENSITY of the plastic?
2. Which explosive gas was used in the past to inflate airships?
3. What is NOT true about air
4. What gas is produced when calcium carbonate is added to dilute hydrochloric acid?
5. The diagram shows how an electromagnet can be made by passing an electric current through a coil of wire wrapped around a soft iron bar (an iron nail will do)

coilWhich of the options below will increase the strengthg of the magnet?(tick all that apply)

6. circuit4The circuit shows two bulbs and an open switch.
Both bulbs are on.

What will happen if the switch is closed?
7. Where is your femur bone?
8. What is measured by the Beaufort Scale?
9. forcesThe diagram shows a blue ball hanging from a string.

Which red force arrow best represents the force of gravity on the ball?
10. Which of the substances listed below is the odd one out?