Common Entrance Revision: Includes more advanced questions
15 questions suitable for CE or scholarship
KS3 Levels 5 and 6
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1. The circuit diagram shows 4 components

circuit1What changes would you notice to this circuit if you placed your hand over component B making it darker?   (Tick all that apply) 
2. Which of the features listed would be found in ALL living cells?
3. After a girl reaches puberty, how often will her body release an egg?
4. The core of the Earth is made of nickel and which other element?
5. What name is given to the study of the animal kingdom?
6. Enzymes are needed by our body to help us do what?
7. What is the chemical symbol for gold?
8. Dry Ice is the name for which frozen substance?
9. circulation-graphThe graph below shows the heart rate of two boys, X and Y

Their teacher measured their pulse and then asked them to run on a running machine for 2 minutes

When their pulse had returned to normal the experiment was stopped

How long did it take the heart rate of boy X to return to normal after he stopped running?
10. Heat from the sun reaches us by
11. Something has gravitational potential energy when....
12. Neurons are found mainly in what part of our body?
13. Put the following processes into the correct order if you wished to obtain pure salt from rock salt
14. A: Adults mate B: child grows into an adult
C: Eggs are fertilized by sperm D: baby is born
E: baby develops in the mother
Put the letters in the correct order (starting with A)
15. Which of the following is NOT true about how human babies develop