Common Entrance Revision: Includes more advanced questions
15 questions suitable for CE or scholarship
KS3 Levels 5 and 6
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1. Which creatures are referred to as 'chiroptera'
2. A change of electrical energy into kinetic (speed) energy could be produced by
3. Substances can be obtained from the ground and purified in a variety of ways.

Which common metal is exctracted by heating its ore to a high temperature with coke (carbon) in a blast furnace.
4. What biological process releases oxygen into the atmosphere?
5. How many degrees Fahrenheit is 10 degrees Celsius?
6. Which of the following statements about the Moon is true?
7. Which is the largest out of

8. What is the name of the chemical which has the formula CH4 ?
9. A spring is 10cm long.
When 3 newtons are hung from it the sprng becomes 16cm.

springs1The 3 N load is now replaced by a load of 1 newton

What would be the new length of the spring?
10. Which of the following is NOT true about the Moon