Common Entrance Revision: Includes more advanced questions
15 questions suitable for CE or scholarship
KS3 Levels 5 and 6
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1. How many cubic centimetres are in a cubic metre ?
2. Which explosive gas was used in the past to inflate airships?
3. What is the chemical symbol for magnesium?
4. cell4This is a diagram of a plant cell
What is the function of the chloroplasts?
5. Where would you find villi in the human body?
6. A spring is 10cm long.
When 3 newtons are hung from it the sprng becomes 16cm.

springs1springs-parallelTwo springs are now joined in parallel (side by side) and 1 N added as a load.

How long would the springs be now (length X)
7. The legs of a chair each have an area of 20cm2 .

The chair has  4 legs and a mass of 4kg.

What is the pressure of each leg on the ground?
8. circuit4The circuit shows two bulbs and an open switch.
Both bulbs are on.

What will happen if the switch is closed?
9. What is the chemical symbol for iron?
10. The respiratory system describes which part of our body?
11. Which of the following is the boiling point of water in degrees Fahrenheit?
12. Mycology is the study of
13. Word equations for 4 different reactions are shown.
Which of them is an example of a displacement reaction?
14. parachute 

The diagram shows a parachute falling at a steady speed.

There are two forces on the parachute represented by red arrows

Which force is bigger?
15. Which would be the best substance to neutralize some spilt hydrochloric acid?