Common Entrance Revision: 30 easier questions
KS3 Levels 3 and 4
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1. circuit2In which of the circuits shown will the bulb (or bulbs) be the brightest?
2. Most microorganisms cannot be seen without a....
3. Which single piece of apparatus would be the best to use if you wished to find the volume of glass in a glass stopper
4. Which of these substances will allow electricity to go through it?
5. Which part of our body removes poisonous waste from the blood
6. How many planets are in the Solar System?
7. What gas is produced when zinc is added to dilute sulphuric acid?
8. Name an organ which helps digest food
9. flowerLook at the diagram of a flower.

What is the name of the part labelled a ?
10. The seeds of a plant are found in which organ?
11. Which unit of measurement is used to measure WEIGHT?
12. Which part of a flower does pollen reach during pollination?

13. spiderTo which group does this animal belong?
14. Galvanised iron sheets are made of iron coated with a very thin layer of which metal?
15. Some salt is dissolved in warm water.
What do we call the liquid remaining in the beaker?
16. Pencils are sometimes called 'Lead pencils' even though the lead has been replaced by which substance?
17. When a gas changes to a liquid the process is called
18. apparatus2What is the name of the piece of apparatus shown?
19. What causes day and night?
20. Which of the gases below makes the bubbles of fizzy drinks?
21. What colour will universal turn when mixed with limewater?
22. Name a substance with a pH value equal to pH7
23. What does 'SYNTHETIC' mean?
24. Two magnets, when brought near each other are found to REPEL.
If the pole of one magnet is north what is the other pole?
25. Fran pulled a box containing some weights across the carpet. She used a force meter to measure the force needed to pull the box.
What force was making the box difficult to move?
26. Copper, iron, gold, and aluminium are all examples of what?
27. Name the organ where sperm are made in the male
28. What colour will universal turn when mixed with vinegar?
29. Which part of our body carries blood AWAY from the heart?
30. Which of the energy changes below represents that which takes place when a stone is dropped