Common Entrance Revision: 30 easier questions
KS3 Levels 3 and 4
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1. Pick a chemical that reacts with water
2. Which of the properties of water listed below is NOT correct
3. Which unit of measurement is used to measure MASS
4. After filtering a mixture what do we call the liquid that drips through the filter paper?
5. Which of the below is a fossil fuel?
6. What causes day and night?
7. What colour is copper sulphate?
8. Kitchen cooking foil is made out of which substance
9. Pick a liquid that is a weak acid
10. What are the main features of a reptile?
11. How many planets are in the Solar System?
12. Most microorganisms cannot be seen without a....
13. Two magnets, when brought near each other are found to REPEL.
If the pole of one magnet is north what is the other pole?
14. What is the name of the closest star to the earth?
15. Which are smaller, bacteria fungi or viruses
16. apparatus3What is the name of the piece of apparatus shown?
17. What sort of surface should something have to prevent slipping?
18. Which of the following is true about the Moon
19. cell1This is a diagram of a typical animal cell.

What is represented by structure labelled B?
20. To which animal group does a mouse belong to?
21. What is the test for hydrogen gas?
22. Meat is a good source of
23. Alice put four objects on to a tray and slowly tipped it up.
The pencil sharpener slid first. The matchbox slid next. Then the scissors. The rubber slid last. Which object had the most friction between it and the tray?
Which diagram above contains a Liebig condenser?
25. What is the normal boiling point of water?
26. flaskThe image represents what piece of apparatus?
27. Some plastic is bio readable.

What does biodegradable mean?
28. What is measured by a thermometer?
29. We can often see the Moon at night.
Which of the following is true?
30. Which of the following is NOT a metal