Common Entrance Chemistry – 10 Multiple choice questions
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1. A boy dissolved some salt in warm water. What do we call the resulting mixture?
2. Burning magnesium will react with carbon dioxide to produce a white smoke and leave small black specks of carbon.

What would be the products of the reaction between magnesium and carbon dioxide gas?
3. Some salt is dissolved in warm water.
What do we call the liquid remaining in the beaker?
4. If a gardener wished to make his soil less acid, which of the following would be the best to do?
5. Which of the gases below makes the bubbles of fizzy drinks?
6. I know that air is a GAS because
7. What colour is magnesium oxide
8. Some plastic is bio readable.

What does biodegradable mean?
9. Which of the below is not an example of a chemical change?
10. The best way to remove sand from water is