Common Entrance Chemistry – 10 Multiple choice questions
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1. Limestone and chalk are made of which chemical compound?

2. This diagram shows the water cyclewater cycle3 

Which numbers represent where evaporation and condensation take place?


3. Pick a chemical that will not change in mass when heated

4. Which of the gases below is sometimes put in balloons to make them float?

5. Akt_anim3  Bkt_anim2Ckt_anim1The blue circles in these diagrams repesent the particles in a substance

Which diagram represents a gas?

6. Ca is the symbol for which chemical element

7. If a bar of chocolate is left in the sun what will happen to it?

8. SALTY WATER is best described as....

9. Substances can be obtained from the ground in a variety of ways.

Which reactive low density metal is extracted  from its ore using electricity?

10. A liquid with a pH of 9 would be described as .....