1.  Photosynthesis and Respiration

Photosynthesis is the name of the process by which the plant manufactures sugars.
Word Equation:
Carbon dioxide  + water  + energy from the sun  ——->      sugar   +    oxygen

Respiration is a chemical reaction that provides all life with energy
Word equation: sugar + oxygen  —–> carbon dioxide + water + energy

Photosynthesis  is MAKING sugar, using up energy
Respiration is USING UP sugar and RELEASING energy

Photosynthesis takes place only in plants and only in the light
Respiration happens in all animals and plants and happens all the time.

2. Melting and dissolving

A substance will melt (turn into a liquid) when it is above a temperature known as its melting point.
In order to melt it MUST get warmed
It does NOT need to be added to a liquid.

A substance will dissolve when it is added to a suitable solvent (liquid that dissolves it).
It does NOT need to be heated but it DOES need to be added to another liquid.
After it has dissolved it will have formed a solution.