• Cells
  • Classification
  • Ecology
  • Human biology-circulation and respiration
  • Human biology-food and digestion
  • Human biology-reproduction
  • Human biology-skeleton and organs
  • Microorganisms
  • Plants-feeding and structure
  • Plants-reproduction

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1. A section from an animals liver would be best described as
2. In what kind of cell would you find some CHLOROPLASTS?
3. Which of the features listed would be found in ALL living cells?
4. Which part of a cell contains the genetic material?
5. Name three structures you may find in a plant cell but not an animal cell
6. What would be found in all living cells?
7. What part of a cell releases energy?
8. Which of the items listed below would be found in all living cells?
9. Name three structures you would find in all living cells
10. Cells reproduce by a process called binary fission.

Is binary fission an example of sexual or asexual reproduction?

cell4Do you think this cell is from an animal or plant?
12. cell2This diagram shows a typical plant cell.

What do you think is represented by part labelled F?
13. cell4This is a diagram of a plant cell
What is the function of the chloroplasts?
14. cell4How can you be certain that this cell is from a plant?
15. cell1This is a diagram of a typical animal cell.

What is represented by structure labelled B?
16. cell3This diagram shows three human body cells

Pick THREE structures present in all the cells
17. cell3This diagram shows three human body cells

Which one represents a sperm cell?
18. cell1 cell2These diagrams show two cells one from an animal and one from a plant.

Pick three structures that are present in both cells